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Welcome to CREATOR HOUSE (

Register a Designer Account:

  1. Before you’re signing up, please take some time to check on the ‘terms of use’;

  2. Sign up: to fill out all the information (username, password & email) indicate on the page, and please don’t forget to click the button that shows you agree to the ‘terms o use’;

  3. After you finish the information filling, an activated email will be sent to your registered email address to let you activate your account to complete your registration;

  4. Congrats, you’re a member of CREATOR HOUSE now.

How to operate your account:

  1. Sign in with your registered username/email and password;

  2. Go to ‘My profile’ to complete your Personal Information and Employment experience, referring to the pictures below;

    Warm tips: The more information you fill in, the more opportunities you could get;

  3. Upload your projects - ‘My projects’:

    1. In here, My projects refer to any artwork that has been put into production/has been sold, and they were originally created by the designers who uploaded them. Generally, works show your strength on your design creation.

    2. If you have any design works that have not been sold yet, or they can be resold, they can also be used for sale. But the designer must be ensure that there is no copyright disputes;

    3. The projects you uploaded will be viewed by anyone who accessing this site;

    4. Any uploaded projects need to be approved by the site. The approve process usually take 24 to 48 hours.

Reasons for projects not been approved as include:

  1. Any elements that relating to anti-socialist,

  2. Sensitive words;

  3. Any contact information (eg. Email, phone number etc.);

  4. Multiple design categories the content of the work that is irrelevant with the design categories;

  5. The labels are irrelevant to the content of the work (labels including: function, themes, materials, styles;generally a project not with 5 labels);

  6. Not clear pictures to have a negative impact of visual effects;

  7. Have the suspect of copy and plagiarism.


  1. If the uploaded projects are real samples,please attach the design drafts;

  2. Not allow to upload the projects that are not original creation, and any works without copyright,and any works without approval from companies you have been worked for, in other words, the company owns the copyright of work;

  3. The uploaded works for sale, please be aware of one work can only be sold once in the site. For the works that can be sold more than once,please upload them as projects, not the works for sale.

Warm tips:Please don’t forget to fill out the description for your projects.


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